Saturday, June 12, 2010

Tummy Tub® Wins 'Mom Approved - Child Tested' Excellence Seal of Approval Award!

Search for a baby bath tub and for the most part what you will find is not a refreshing experience. There is nothing clean about PVC, vinyl, BPA and even lead (all of these being additives that have been found to be hiding in common baby tubs!). These chemicals leach from plastic and are known endocrine disruptors and harmful to our little one’s nervous and immune systems. The thought of steeping our babies in these tubs is not a good idea.

THANKFULLY…Tummy Tub offers this fantastic baby bath tub which is an excellent SAFE ALTERNATIVE, made of non-leaching Polypropylene! The mom testers who used this product said they would definitely recommend it to friends and the reassurance that the tub is a safe plastic makes them happy.

We are honored that Tummy Tub has received this prestigious award!

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