Friday, September 24, 2010

Tummy Tub Makes a Splash at Kind + Jugend Show in Cologne!

After 15 years of proven success with the Tummy Tub, the brand has grown! Tummy Tub proudly unveiled the results of a period of growth by debuting new products and accessories this past week at Kind + Jugend in Cologne, the leading international trade show for the juvenile market.

The new products were very well received and we are looking forward to launching them at the ABC Kids Show in Las Vegas, October 10-13. Retailers are encouraged to visit us at Booth 241 during the show for special packages and pre-orders.

Keep updated on new products by following us on facebook and checking our site for pictures as they become available!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Tummy Tub Awarded Sweet Pea Baby Planners Favorites Seal of Approval

We are pleased to announce that Tummy Tub has been awarded the highest honor by Sweet Pea Baby Planners- their Favorites Seal of Approval. Tummy Tub was put through a rigorous testing process by moms, babies, and instructors. Safety testing and certifications were also required for consideration. Tummy Tub was chosen based on the following criteria: product that is well designed, meets the needs of growing families, originality, quality, style, innovative, performs as promised, meets/exceeds all safety regulations, and a company operated with integrity.

Tummy Tub was also selected for their Dream Baby Gear classes starting in 2011 in 10 cities across the US.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Let Babies be Babies with the Tummy Tub!

We at Tummy Tub believe that babies should be allowed to develop at their own pace and not be pressured to move quickly on to the next stage. Parents should cherish those fleeting moments of babyhood instead of pushing their child to grow up too soon.

As a mother of 4, I have realized over the years that babies quickly grow into toddlers and they all learn to sit, crawl, stand, walk, and talk at their own pace. Studies show that the first few months after birth is very stressful for newborns. They need the reminder of the womb- this include swaddling, sucking, and being close to mom. Confinement in the womb was comforting to the unborn baby and now, the big wide open world is overwhelming. Soft, comfortable clothes, gentle handling, and easy access to feeding are all important. In a very short time, this helpless newborn will be mobile and there is no need to fear that you are stifling development by recreating the womb experience. On the contrary, this is very natural and beneficial to babies.

Tummy Tub is an age appropriate, gentle transition into baby's next nine months after the womb. Curled in the familiar fetal position and surrounded by warm water, parents show their sensitivity toward their baby's needs by choosing this method of bathing. Instead of rushing through a quick bath, parents are able to turn bath time into a beautiful bonding experience and allow their baby to completely relax and de-stress. Some parents choose to give a quick sponge bath before putting their child in the tub, and this allows for the focus to be on relaxation and not washing. Many newborns fall asleep right in the Tummy Tub!

As babies grow, they do not need to be forced out of the Tummy Tub. It is safe for children up to 35 pounds and many two year olds still enjoy using it. The mimicking of the womb benefits are not applicable after 9 months, but toddlers love having their own personal hot tub. They can sit and stand for washing, take a bath outside on a warm day, or in the shower at the same time as mom or dad! Oftentimes toddlers become afraid of the big tub out of the blue or when they are under the weather, the Tummy Tub is a great calming influence.

As a mom, I shudder when I see a newborn in "big kid" clothes or see babies screaming by being bathed flat on their backs. There is a gentle and more natural way to care for our most precious resources. Thankfully there are a number of baby-friendly gentle products available to parents today. We are proud to say that Tummy Tub lets babies be babies!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Tummy Tub Therapy!

From crying to calm in seconds! The tummy tub® goes beyond just a practical bath tub and provides amazing health benefits for babies suffering from gas and colic, and extra reassurance to premature babies who left the womb too early. The tummy tub® has also been known to help babies and toddlers with special needs and sleeping problems. Covered in warm water in the comfortable fetal position babies are relieved of pain and able to completely relax and de-stress. Used in combination with massage it helps stimulate proper digestion and eliminates gas. Pediatricians in Germany prescribe the tummy tub® for colic symptoms and they are even covered by health insurance! The tummy tub® works wonders during those fussy periods in the evening to calm babies down. It is also the perfect tub for diaper rash soaking and a little peppermint or lavender oil will help clear baby’s sinuses from a cold. It is the ideal way to bathe feverish babies because it keeps the water warm and covering the baby. An older toddler who is sick and not wanting to take a bath will hardly refuse her tummy tub®! Across the globe, infant massage groups utilize the tummy tub® as a relaxing cool down after class! See tummy tub in action here!