Friday, June 18, 2010

Dads are the Best TummyTub Advocates!

With Father's Day coming up, it is time to focus on dads!  We often hear about dads who were very skeptical of the TummyTub and then after using it become the biggest advocates.

Dad of twins says
: "
After buying the Tummy Tub, we got home and started kicking ourselves for spending so much money on a darn tub. However, the sales guy was quite persuasive that this was the best tub available.  Having been giving baths for 3 months now, we totally agree.  Not once have the twins cried when taking a bath.  Actually, they smile more in the bath than any other time during the day.  I don't know what it is about the Tummy Tub but I highly recommend it."

Eric, dad to Ava, says
: "
Tummy what?  There is no way Ava (16 months old) is going to fit comfortably in this little bucket!  One night my wife yells out to me to come to the bathroom. There was Ava sitting happily in this bucket, like a pig in mud. She looked to be really liking her new bath. The next night it was my turn to bathe Ava. I just lifted Ava into the Tummy Tub and she sat herself down comfortably, if I needed to wash her, I only needed to ask her to stand up. There is even room for her to blow bubbles in the water. She just loves it, the only thing is it takes ages to coax her out of the bath. Someone once said “the converted makes the best advocates”.

It's true that dads love the TummyTub!  We see wonderful
pictures all the time.  The bonding experience with the TummyTub is unparalleled and babies feel secure in the fetal position with daddy right there.  If you are a new or expectant dad looking for a fun way to bond with your baby and get something practical accomplished at the same time, look no further!  


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