Saturday, April 24, 2010

TummyTub & Woombie Unite to Reinvent the Bedtime Routine!

Bathe-Swaddle-Sleep: Original TummyTub® & The Woombie® Provide Peaceful Rest Solution For Infants

TummyTub and Woombie Join Forces to Reinvent the Bedtime Routine. Both products mimic the womb and allow babies to completely relax and move within soft boundaries. The result is long lasting peaceful sleep!


Apr 19, 2010 – An evening bath is intended to relax infants while encouraging them to blissfully doze off and sleep through the night.  Unfortunately, this is seldom the outcome!  Startling, difficulty in maintaining body temperature and comfort, and nighttime fussiness are the norm for young infants; while most bathing and swaddling products do little to offer relief.

Thankfully, the Original TummyTub® and the Woombie offer frustrated and tired parents a revolutionary way to calm baby into a peaceful sleep.  These natural, nurturing products work together to create a safe and effective bathe-swaddle-sleep bedtime routine by overcoming the challenging issues new parents and babies face.

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