Thursday, April 29, 2010

TummyTub® Awarded Fussy Baby Approved Seal

TummyTub® has been named one of the 'Best Products to Calm your Hard to Soothe Infant" by the Fussy Baby Site!

Here is what this team of experts and experienced moms has to say:

The Tummy Tub is far more than just a bathtub for infants. It is a tool used to replicate the experience of being in the womb, and allows your baby to bathe sitting in the fetal position. Fussy and colicky babies tend to be uncomfortable being placed square on their backs, so this allows even the most fussy baby to enjoy bath time.
One of the only times our son was calm was when he was bathing, and while we didn't know about the Tummy Tub back then, I know he would have loved it. The soft sides of the tub allow your baby to feel snug and secure, while still allowing movement.
An optional stool add-on raises the tub off the floor and allows for a comfortable bathing experience that doesn't aggravate mom or dad's back.

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