Monday, March 19, 2012

Tummy Tub Awarded Top Product for Colic

The Tummy Tub

The Tummy Tub allows your baby to bathe in the upright position, which is not only calming and familiar to newborns, but ensures they are always covered in warm water. The tub replicates the experience of the womb, meaning temporary soothing for even the fussiest of babies.

Anyone who has a fussy, colicky or high need baby knows that most of the baby products on the market are designed for so-called 'easy' babies. In desperation, many parents will buy any and every product that claims to calm, soothe or cure their baby's fussiness.

My goal with the Top Colic Products list is to provide parents with a comprehensive overview of the best product categories and the best brands within each category. I have personally tested every product listed below, and have only included ones I find have features that specifically meet the needs of fussy or colicky babies.


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