Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Meet Baby Quinn....Our Happy Baby Contest Winner!

NAME: QUINN (female)
AGE: 5 months old
CITY/STATE: Fishkill, NY
No more goosebumps during bathtime for this kid!
Our daughter, Quinn, loves her Tummy Tub and has been using it since about 2 months old. It keeps her so cozy and warm during her bath. Bathtime is no longer a rush, and I no longer contantly worry if she is getting cold. Instead, she looks so content relaxing and playing in the water that I sometimes feel bad ending bathtime. The weightlessness of being in water is fun for her, as she can go from sitting to standing almost all on her own. Quinn is very independent and is so proud of herself when she does this! She also loves sticking her legs straight up in the air for easy access to her feet, which she recently became very interested in. We are all so pleased with the tub. I only wish I had bought it sooner and it could have saved me some grief those first two months, always worrying about sanitizing our sink.
Quinn has received a $100 gift certificate and your baby could be our next winner! Find out how, here.

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