Thursday, November 18, 2010

In Their Own Words....Why Parents Choose Tummy Tub

Out of the sea of bathing options available for infants today, Tummy Tub stands out by keeping babies upright and covered by warm water. No other tub revolutionizes the entire concept of bathing from being flat, uncomfortable, and cold on their backs to warm, calm, and happy in fetal position. We have received hundreds of great testimonials from parents and the repeated praise is that Tummy Tub soothes, relaxes, and makes bath time enjoyable for everyone.

Read what real moms and dads have to say about using the Tummy Tub!

I have both the tub and the stool and LOVE it so much! My son who is now almost 9 weeks calms down instantaneously when he's in it (and loves to spash and play). Also, when he has a tummy ache, it's a miracle cure! The stool is great too because it holds all his bath supplies and personally I think it look really cute in our bathroom. I can't wait for him to be able to use the stool for hand washing and teeth brushing later on! By far one of the best baby items I got (clearly I could go on about the Tummy Tub for hours)! Paula N.

Our son, Charles, has bathed in the tummy tub exclusively since birth. I love this tub for 3 reasons: 1st, Charles stays nice and warm during bath time because he's immersed in the water right below his shoulders and 2nd, it is sooo “green.” 3rd, its compact so it doesn't take up counter space. The proof is in the tub: video! Jennifer R.

We first used the Tummy Tub on New Year's Eve. Our little girl was so over stimulated from being around extended family that she was almost inconsolable. My brother sent over his son's Tummy Tub and we tried it. MAGIC!! She loved it. Elizabeth D.

I heard about the Tummy Tub from a friend and decided to get one for our 8 week old daughter. We had been giving sponge baths but this looked much better. The first night we used it, our daughter Sabina loved it. It definitely is not a bucket, it has a unique contour that gives it a strong center of gravity and hugs the baby. It is environmentally friendly since it uses a perfect amount of water each time. Baby is submerged and really likes the sensation of being surrounded by warm water. When our daughter is agitated in the evening and sometimes in the afternoon, we give her a ten minute bath for attitude adjustment and everybody is happy. I would highly recommend Tummy Tub to any parent. Michael M.

After struggling with bath time, we were introduced to the TummyTub. What a fantastic blessing for parents and babies! When we used the TummyTub with our newest baby, she was calm and seemed to know she was safe. We've had the same experience every time afterward. Babies are little for such a short time. It makes me happy, as a mother, to discover anything I can to make babyhood gentle, safe and happy for my children. TummyTub is one of those ways. Katharine M.

My son LOVES his Tummy Tub. We bought it when he was 9 weeks old and in the throes of a colic nightmare. It soothed him like nothing other, and still relaxes him before bed. Loretta L.

I bought a Tummy Tub this week. My 5 week old doesn't like the bath that much, but as soon as I put him in the Tummy Tub he became docile, almost sleeping in it. I love Tummy Tub and it is probably my best buy! Diane L.

Jasper loved his daily TummyTub from the time we left the hospital (I’ll be taking it with me to the hospital if there is a next time). The content look that fell over his face once I placed him into the tub was amazing! It settled him so much, it was the integral part of our bedtime routine. I also believe that it aided in getting rid of gas and preventing colic. I must admit at times it could have resembled a bubble bath! There was another massive plus for me in using the TummyTub. Jasper was / is a wriggle worm and feed times often resembled a weird form of baby yoga… but after a bath in his tub he was so relaxed he had the best feed of the day, and I knew at bed time I had one content little man! Cassie mom of 2

The other night Emma was screaming and I'm sure it was due to her reflux but I couldn't get her to stop. She was crying off and on for a good hour or so and I ran out of options to calm her and then I remembered I had the TummyTub so I got my husband to go grab it for me and of course as soon as I stuck Emma in there she stopped crying! I let her play in there for about an hour (crazy long I know!) but she just seemed so peaceful and I got to watch the rest of my show on TV! A win win situation for sure! As soon as I took her out she fell right to sleep! Our TummyTub is a lifesaver! I'm sure it is one of our most valuable possessions in our home to us! I would pay double the amount for it just for the peace it brings us alone! Kim H. from NJ

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