Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Step by Step Instructions for Using the Tummy Tub

Using the Tummy Tub is simple, but as with any new concept, it is helpful to have visual instructions to get started.
Fill the tummy tub® with desired amount of water. We recommend filling halfway up to the 5 inch water guide line at first, you can always add more later. Water temperature should be between 96-100 degrees, make sure to test with your elbow to ensure it is not too hot or cold. Place the tub on a flat, sturdy surface (counter, kitchen sink, hard floor, regular tub all work fine) or an original tummy tub stand. Have everything close to the bathing area: soap, sponge, towels, etc. Make sure the room is warm enough, so baby will not get cold quickly after the bath.
Prepare for entry. Clean off any food particles or diaper damage from baby before entering water. Hold your baby on top of your lower arm- with your hand between the legs- tummy and head against your forearm and your other hand supporting baby's back. See picture. Approach the tub with baby's head facing toward it, so baby can see where he is going. Older babies can be lifted by their armpits and put in bottom first with feet extending up the walls of the tub to encourage sitting.
Settle your baby into the tummy tub®. Slowly lower your baby into the water (your hand that is between baby's legs goes all the way down to the bottom of the tub). With your other hand, support your baby's head underneath the chin to prevent swallowing water. With your lower hand, position your baby until she sits securely on the bottom of the womb-shaped tummy tub. The water should be at maximum to the shoulders of the baby after completely entering the tub. You can adjust water level if necessary.
Position your baby for comfort and safety. Move your lower hand up, tilting your baby backwards, until your baby is leaning against the wall. In this way both the bottom and wall are helping to support your baby's body. Ensure you gently support your baby's head under the chin with one hand until neck and head control is achieved (about 12 weeks). The other hand is now free to wash or caress your baby. You can lift the baby out of the water a little to reach hard to access areas.
It's time to relax! We recommend relaxation in the Tummy Tub before washing. This is an excellent time for bonding and is therapeutic for young babies. Even if your baby has not enjoyed bath time in the past, with the Tummy Tub, your baby will love staying in the water! Babies become quiet quickly, because of the sense of safety and protection it provides. Young babies do not require daily baths, but the Tummy Tub can be used without soap for a nice calming way to end the evening. Don't be surprised if your child falls asleep while bathing!
Give your baby all the affection and attention she deserves! Enjoy these precious moments between you and your child! Remember to never leave your baby unattended in the bath, even after neck control is achieved. Gentle support at all times is important. Do not worry if your baby wants to stand up at first, as this will be encouraged by the buoyancy of the water. Just give time to explore new abilities, as in the end your baby will sit down and enjoy the bath. You will love this time together! The best time to give the bath is at night so the baby can get used to a routine of bathing, eating, swaddling/sleeping. Babies who use the Tummy Tub have the added benefits of gas relief, colic calming, and total relaxation.
For great video instructions, be sure to visit our video library!

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