Friday, July 23, 2010

Tummy Tub is the Original Upright Baby Tub...Simply the Best!

The Original TummyTub is often imitated, but never duplicated! Superior genuine products are always copied by third parties, and many of these clones originate in China. But there is only one Original TummyTub, designed and produced in Europe that has been used by millions of parents and babies. While some upright baby baths may look similar, the details of design and use of certain materials are essential for the product to work safely and for the comfort of the baby.

When comparing the Original TummyTub to other upright tubs, please keep these things in mind:

  • The TummyTub is the first and only patented upright European baby bath tub.
  • The TummyTub was designed by a mother and midwife, with a specific shape tailored to the safety and comfort of the baby.
  • The design of the TummyTub is unique in that it closely mimics the shape and confinement of the mother's womb, and is tall enough to keep the baby warm at all times. Other tubs are too wide or too short, and thus the benefits of the tub are not fully realized.
  • The TummyTub has been sold worldwide since 1996 and millions of babies have enjoyed it! Never has there been any accidents reported from the use of the TummyTub, and many hospitals are using it right in the delivery room.
  • The TummyTub is made in Belgium by a world class injection mould manufacturer. Every single TummyTub gets inspected before delivery.
  • The goal of TummyTub is to recreate the womb environment and every detail has been painstakingly researched- from the transparent material to the height of the walls to the dimensions of the base.  No other tub has gone through the extensive research by medical professionals with newborns!
  • TummyTub is the only upright tub with an anti-skid ring to prevent sliding; this combined with the low center of gravity eliminates the need for any extra base for stability.
  • Other tubs are bulky with unnecessary extra plastic which makes them heavier and less compact. TummyTub fits in the kitchen sink and stores easily!
  • TummyTub was designed to grow with your baby and can be used from birth – age 2 or 35 pounds. 
  • The TummyTub is designed for a life time of use and therefore is made of the finest materials available, the latest industry innovations in food grade Polypropylene. This high end plastic is nearly unbreakable and does not contain any phthalates, BPA, lead, or other toxic elements. Recycled polypropylene may be contaminated and the consistent quality cannot be assured. Therefore recycled material should not be used for a hygienic product such as a baby bath. Recycled material is a great idea for producing other items such as planters.
  • TummyTub is the only upright bath that comes with an optional stool. This well designed height adjustable stool can function as a TummyTub pedestal as well as a multi functional stool for toddlers and toy storage.
  • Only product that comes in 4 colors and has in mold color visual instructions and safety warning label.
  • TummyTub has a clean, modern look and its simple design works wonders with babies!  There is no need for a mat, headrest, shield for support, or other such extras that take away from the original purpose.
  • Meets worldwide safety standards, including CPSIA regulations. We cannot imagine a baby tub that has passed more safety tests than the TummyTub!


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